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We’re delighted to be part of a group of organisations which are all striving to address health inequalities, especially through the actions of primary care.

Deep End: East of England

Deep End: East of England is a network of people serious about improving the health and wellbeing of those communities living in the most deprived areas across the East of England. Our workstreams include advocacy for patients and communities, ensuring we innovate in a climate focused and sustainable way, ensuring that research is inclusive, education and workforce and wellbeing. 

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Fairhealth is a charity offering free courses, elearning, blogs, a podcast and much more. All designed to enable healthcare professionals to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to work in areas of deprivation, with marginalised patients, and to reduce inequalities.

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Royal College of General Practitioners: Health Inequalities group

The RCGP Health Inequalities group aims to demonstrate how GPs can positively influence health inequalities as practitioners, commissioners and community leaders. It contains examples of good practice, relevant national guidance and links to useful resources from other organisations.  

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Cambridge Public Health

Cambridge Public Health (CPH) is an interdisciplinary centre at the University of Cambridge, functioning as an umbrella organisation for more than 600 researchers and professionals working on public health issues.

The Centre, and the health inequalities research pillar within it, contains information and resources relating to health inequality research taking place at the University.

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Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health

The Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health is an inclusive membership organisation for people involved in health care for excluded groups, such as Homeless people, gypsies and travellers, vulnerable migrants and people involved in the sex industry.