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About us

Welcome to the Health Equity Evidence Centre

We believe that good health and care are not privileges but fundamental rights for everyone, irrespective of their background, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.

Our passion is to build a robust evidence base of what works to address health and care inequalities. Arising from a partnership with NHS England East of England Primary Care team, we focus on generating data and insights for addressing inequalities in and through primary care.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to generating solid and reliable evidence about what works to address health and care inequalities. Our approach empowers policymakers and practitioners with the right insights, aiding them in making informed and evidence-informed decisions for all. By adopting innovative methodologies, we efficiently map successful strategies and identify data-driven intelligence to construct a comprehensive evidence base.

What we do

Our strength lies in our diverse and vibrant team and collaborative network. Our multidisciplinary team of researchers, data analysts, economists, general practitioners and public health specialists give us a unique ability to build a robust evidence base of what works to address inequalities.

How We Use Machine Learning

Machine learning technology is at the heart of our efforts. It allows us to sift through vast and complex data to map the evidence base and create evidence-based recommendations.


Data-Driven Insights

We extract valuable insights from data, offering a granular understanding of health and care inequalities, and providing key intelligence of where to intervene.

Evidence Generation

We continuously generate and update evidence of effective strategies for reducing health disparities, ensuring that stakeholders are equipped with the most recent and reliable information.


How is this made possible?

We have partnered with NHS England East of England Primary Care Transformation to create this evidence centre.

Disclaimer: The Health Equity Evidence Centre is core funded by NHS England East of England. However, the views expressed are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of NHS England.

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Welcome to the Health Equity Evidence Centre                

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