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Building equitable primary care: A toolkit for practitioners and decision makers

This interactive toolkit brings together two research studies, EQUALISE and FAIRSTEPS, to describe what equitable primary care looks like and provide practical steps to help local decision makers address inequalities in health and healthcare.

Addressing inequalities in primary care is crucial for achieving equitable and high-quality healthcare for all. Primary care serves as the foundation of the healthcare system, being the first point of contact for most people seeking help. However, inequalities in access to primary care services can perpetuate health inequalities. By addressing these inequalities, we can ensure that everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, gender, or geographic location, has equal access to comprehensive and timely primary care. 

For too long we have spent time describing the problem, rather than finding solutions and creating a positive vision of equitable primary care.

This toolkit presents a vision for equitable general practice and provides guiding principles to achieve it with practical actions and case studies. Addressing inequalities in general practice is not easy, but it is possible.

Authors: Anna Gkiouleka, Ben Jackson, John Ford, Caroline Mitchell, Helen Pearce, Steven Arias, Josephine Reynolds, Joanne Coaster on behalf of the EQUALISE and FAIRSTEPS study teams.